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Welcome to our website


Here you can find various useful articles, tips and news on insurance topic. As well as a full list (about 500 thousand items) of insurance companies in the USA.


How can you make use of our website?


In the top menu of the page you can find:

  • Insurance news. Section with up-to-date, constantly updated news about insurance in the USA, the latest events and incidents 
  • Insurance How-Tos. Section How-To includes such types of insurance as travel insurance, health insurance, car insurance, yacht insurance and so on. In this section you can find answers to the most widespread questions of people who look for the ways of getting cheap, fast and reliable insurance;


How can you use our list of insurance companies?


On the left of all pages of our site you can find a section with a full list of insurance companies and agencies in the United States. For finding any insurance company you need, please click on the corresponding American State. Then you will see the page with a list of current districts of the state. After that you should select the necessary district by clicking its image on the map of the state, or use the convenient search form, which is below. Using this search form you can choose any state and district from the list, enter full or partial name of the city. As a result, you ll get a list of insurance companies.

After clicking a company you need from the list, you will see the page of this insurance company with:

  • Contact information 
  • The list of services provided by this company (insurance types) 
  • QR code with contact information about the company. If you have a mobile phone with camera and the program of QR codes recognition installed, you can take a photo of QR code and all contact information will be saved in your cell phone
  • Google map, which shows location of the insurance company you need. If you are a resident of the United States or bordering countries, you can use the button "Calculate route", which is located below the map. Your Internet browser will ask you if information about your location can be sent. If you approve, thanks to Google Maps you will get the shortest route from your location to the insurance company of your destination.
  • Section “Services”.

In the section “Services” you can find:


  • Button "Quotes". Here, you can fill in a questionnaire about any type of insurance you are interested in. This questionnaire will be sent to the chosen company and soon its representative will call you.
  • Button "Callback". Here you need enter only phone number. Then wait for a while until a company representative will call you.
  • In the form "FeedBack" you can write any information about the company. For example, review about the services provided for you.


We hope that our site will help you and you can easily find all necessary information you need.

Any tips or suggestions please leave here.