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How To Buy Luxury Yacht Insurance During Sea Trails

Author: defadmin 15-03-2013, 17:36

There are some specified paths determined in oceans, waterways and gulfs which are extremely popular with boaters coming on a recreation. In case you are an owner of a luxury yacht which is sailed by you or is leased out for licenced use, it is essential for you to obtain full insurance package before you sail, because financial responsibility for theft or damage or for any injuries of passengers on board, which may occur, is very undesirable. Therefore, follow these tips in order to get to know how to buy yacht insurance for sea trails voyages.

1. Physical yacht damage coverage.

Make an inquiry with different yacht insurers about the cost of physical yacht damage coverage. There are often specific terms and conditions of such type of coverage itemized by yacht insurance providers; so in order to protect yourself in case of collision with another boat or any submerged objects, you should find out if these terms and conditions are in accordance with your needs.

2. Insurance policy.

All personal property kept on the boat should be subjected to covering. And so you should check if the policy you are going to obtain covers all personal belongings and items belonging to you or passengers or the crew.

3. Liability insurance

Protect yourself and other passengers and crew members from injuries which may occur as a result of an unlucky seafaring accident. This can be done by purchasing liability insurance. Yacht liability serves the same functions as auto liability insurance, which means it covers injuries or death when on board and property damage compensation.

4. An emergency assistance package

An emergency assistance package should be added to your policy, too, since it provides help in case of an emergency. For example, if you run out of gas being at sea, you can have your fuel delivered to your yacht. Moreover, in the event of your being stranded, towing to the nearest harbor may be easily arranged for you.

5. Possible restrictions at each particular insurer

Bear in mind that some companies may impose restrictions on their coverage, so inquire about possible restrictions at each particular insurer. For example, if you purposely sail into windstorm areas, or don’t hire crews large enough, you will get no coverage. In addition, some of them won’t cover old yachts and charter boats. Moreover, some may even demand that you obtain coverage with high deductibles only. Therefore, you should be very attentive considering these issues.

by Vladimir Dmitriev