The Terrorism Risk Insurance Act is Set to Expire in 2014. International Pollution Liability Coverage is Taking New Positions

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 All the insurance acts that help to fight with international terrorism are going to be expired on December,31, 2014. Two representatives of the global law firm Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP insurance attorneys John P. Dearie, Jr. and Brian J. Green provided the source with the developments in this direction. 


IBM Tries To Make Relationships With The African Cities. Insurance And Credit Ratings Companies Lack Evidence in Antitrust Lawsuit

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International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) tries to look for the new ways of its developing. The company is well-known for its high-end technology contracts. This time they want to make money on the market where customers don’t pay anything.


How BP Found Out The Absurd Oil Spill Insurance Claims. The Steps That Will Help Mine Workers To Escape In The Case Of Emergency

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An "absurd" oil spill compensation payouts were launched by BP. For example, in a New Orleans court, BP gave an irrefutable evidences of businesses in industries far from the spill. The British oil and gas group had even to sold a substantial part of its business to pay reparations and fines for the disaster.


How Can The Improving Of The Forecasting Impact The Insurance Policy? West Virginia Drivers Can Have Their Licenses Revoked

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The new head of the National Weather Service wants the USA to achieve the European level of the weather forecasting as it can prevent a lot of losses for the insurance area. 


The Transatlantic Deal Transforms Into New Way Of Negotiation. Zurich Insurance Group Cooperates With Red Cross Organization

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The European parliament is going to cooperate with the USA as the new way of negotiations is demanded. Europe and the U.S. can create a free market for 800 million people and in such a way counter the power of China thanks to a transatlantic trade deal. Now Brussels and Washington are on the track of negotiations as it can open new possibilities for both sides.


Employers Have To Link The Programs Of The Insurance Discounts. Large Companies Try To Keep Insurance Benefits

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The following situation was tracked by the independent researchers at St. Louis hospital. They’ve been checking the hospital’s system for two years. And many interesting facts were found out. The number of hospitalizations among the employers and the members of their families increased.


An Insurance Fund Was Created In Connecticut. Florida Needs 50 New Insurance Agency Owners

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The well-known Newtown school massacre provided the wave of measures all around the Connecticut state. To protect responders, educators and other workers that suffered in that terrible accident the Connecticut lawmakers decided to create a special charitable fund.


The Mississippi River Flooding Of 2011 And Its Results: Insurers Report. Soldier Fights For His Rights

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The Mississippi state suffered a lot in 2011 when the great flood occurred and provoked a lot of damages in the area. The total cost of the damages is about $2.8 billion.


Insurance agencies need reorganization of their work

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This is the point of view stated by Dan Epstein, CEO of ReSourcePro.

The process is really the treasure in the backyard that is being ignored


Insurance Australia Group Reports On Results Of Its 2012 Activity. St. Louis Insurance Fraud Investigator Is Awarded

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The Insurance Australia Group reported about the insurance profit of $815 million for the half-year period. In comparisong with the first half of 2012 when the profit was only $276 million the last numbers are rather high. The Managing Director Mike Wilkins, for example, thinks that such positive changes were achieved thanks to reflecting of a strong business.


Premiums for health insurance tend to drive up in "six zones" California

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California's insurance commissioner says splitting the state into six zones would drive up premiums as much as 23% next year.

An idea of dividing California map into 6 regions for rating health insurance services as well as some other important questions is going to be discussed by heads of the state on Wednesday.


Insurance Frauds In Wisconsin. The Minimum Benefits Of The Obamacare Law Are Issued

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The frauds in insurance sphere are not a surprise nowadays. So Wisconsin insurance agency executive was condemned for five years in prison for a fraud schemes.


Refiners Running Iran Crude Oil Must Be Insured. Medical Liability Reform Is Realised In Massachusetts

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India want to ensure its refiners to have insurance for plants running crude from Iran, Though the government is still afraid to be halted with the Iran’s economy.


MetLife concentrates on insurance only

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MetLife is no longer a bank holding company.

MetLife is a company with their head office in New York and a lot of affiliates in the United States, Japan, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.


American Infrastructure Suffered A Lot After Sandy Storm.

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The repercussions after the greatest hurricane in USA history called Sandy are so astounding that it makes people feel fear only when they hear its name. The national economics still is on the way of renovation.


Mobile Technologies Move Into Insurance. Obama Fights Against The Cyber Attacks

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Modern insurance field needs reforming and improving as the last researches showed. Much attention is payed to the using of mobile devices in insurance. Most of insurance companies try to create such possibilities for the policyholders to keep their interest as well.


New York's sensation

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As the reported: last year the state DFS (Division of Financial services) required local life insurance companies of New York to look for unclaimed beneficiaries. The result of this investigation was no less than $665.7 unclaimed benefits which have already been paid out. 


Why Does School Sports Become Dangerous? Farmers Insurance Exchange Is Dropping Its Positions

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The school sports became very popular among American children. But still this sphere needs reforming and improving. Schools need new equipment, well-prepared trainers and coaches. A lot of youth organizations disagree with such treating from the officials.


Increase of requests for life insurance quotes

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As soon as news about decline in U.S. economy in the fourth quarter of 2012 appeared insurance market showed an increase of requests for life insurance quotes in the new year.


Gun owners will be required to buy liability insurance

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A new legislation was proposed by democratic lawmakers on Tuesday in California requiring all gun possessors to get
liability insurance to ensure coverage of any damage their weapon may cause.


How The USA Get Use To New Obamacare Law. Americans Fight With Oil Spill on Mississippi River

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As all we know not so long ago new changes in the healthcare system were introduced. President suppose that these reforms will help to improve the healthcare field and it’ll ease people’s lives . There are 50 states but only 11 of them are involved into the reforming.


Benefits That Are Offered To The Employers By The Small Businesses. New York provide reforming after Sandy’s days

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The system of small businesses in the USA is really developed though it has some pros and cons. After analyzing the small business system it was found out that only some businessmen propose insurance profits to their workers. Maybe it was provoked by the economic crisis when a lot of little firms have to close. Those that appeared after tried to replace them and tried to take their position.


The Employers – What Can They Wait For From New Healthcare Law? President Helps The Sandy’s Victims

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A lot of Americans suppose that they have some reasons to be afraid of new changes that would come with Obama’s Healthcare Law. The President found many deficiencies in the system of healthcare insurance and that was the main reason to reform this field of insurance. But what do people should wait for with new law providing? Would it ease citizen’s life or even provoke new wave of scandals?


Changes in Insurance Brokerage Sector in 2013

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It has been found that there will be certain changes in the insurance brokerage sector in 2013. The experts are sure that the number of merges and acquisitions will be different. The major causes of these changes are connected not only with market and economic factors, but also with demographic factors that have an enormous impact on deals.


Workers’ Compensation Insurance System Serves Poorly

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It is known that workers’ compensation insurance guarantees medical care and financial support to the workers injured in the workplace. Today worker's compensation insurance system in New York is not perfect and can be viewed as the most hostile in the USA.


Florida as a Center of Fake Insurance Claims and Problems with Providing New Healthcare Law

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Analyzing the situation in the insurance field some noticed great changes in this system. People even try to trick insurance organizations and provoke accidents themselves. Such strange situation happened in Florida.

Florida leads the U.S. in insurance fraud fueled by scam artists in Miami and Tampa who smash and crash cars to generate claims,
said an industry group.


LIMRA Helps to Understand the Significance of Life Insurance

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Life insurance plays a significant role in our society. LIMRA is a highly recognized research and consulting organization that assists in professional development providing insurance companies and financial service organizations with the appropriate knowledge to achieve marketing and distribution success on the competetive market. As reported on the website, one of the recent LIMRA project was focused on providing a special life insurance IQ testing to more than 4,000 American citizens. The major purpose of this project was to learn more about their knowledge of the significance of life insurance. The results of the testing showed that less than 1/3 of the participants (or about 1200 persons) successfully passed testing that consisted of 10 questions about life insurance. It has been found that over 55 % of the participants answered less than 5 questions without mistakes. As reported on the website, the following factors indicated on the high IQ on life insurance: the existence of the individual’s life coverage, the use of effective sources of information (seminars, booklets and others), the individual’s age, education and confidence in life insurance companies.

The study also shed light on some widespread misperceptions,
said Jennifer Douglas, the Associate Director of LIMRA.In fact, today life insurance ownership among Americans is rather low because of the lack of the consumers’ awareness. That is why life insurance industry should do everything possible to avoid confusing misinformation about life insurance services and attract more and more new consumers.


Forecast From Insurance Joint Industry Forum

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Major figures of the insurance industry consider that Washington’s continuous dispute and fight around government budget will have negative influence on the U.S. economy. According to the report of Insurance Information Institute 95% executives in the property / casualty industry believe in it. Plus 74% of them suppose that federal government will increase its supervision of insurance industry in the near future. And only 23% of executives think the U.S. economy today is «on the right track».

As the economy continues its recovery, exposures will continue to grow, implying further increases in insurance premium volume,
said Dr. Steven Weisbart, senior vice president and chief economist.
The leaders were asked about interest rates, whether they rise or fall. 62% respondents said that interest rates will remain as before and 38% consider that they will grow. But none of the of industry leaders expects rates to tumble.
There was one more interesting fact for insurance audience at this forum. Famous CEO and U.S. Chamber of Commerce President - Thomas J. Donohue said that energy was a great opportunity for rising economy and also energy could be the major factor to cut down the budget deficit. The CEO added that energy was a key to increase work places. What U.S. government should do? Donohue considers that U.S. could find «guys» who have a lot of energy than someone else. If government fears environmentalists, it’s possible to use «clean energy».
That’s where the cash is
, - concluded J. Donohue.


How Changes in Kentucky and Louisiana Impact the Insurance Policy During 2012

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As an Insurance Journal reported
2012 gave new possibilities for many fields. Insuring policy formed under the influence of the world economical crisis. So, many states improved the ways of giving policies to the individuals. As a result, the following situation appeared. In Louisiana many claims from individuals helped to recover the insurance situation.

The insurance policyholders across the state received an additional $6.4 million in payments during 2012 by requesting assistance from the Louisiana Department of Insurance (LDI),
said insurance commissioner Jim Donelon.
The number of inquiries and complaints from the people increased. Mostly funds recovered with the help of formal complaints that were connected mostly with health and life policies. We can make a conclusion that sometimes complaining plays a great role in getting additional $5.3 million payments.
As reported Insurance Journal,
Another interesting accident happened in Kentucky. All of 174 schools of this state came across one and the same problem. It was connected with closing of the Kentucky Trust. So, all of the school workers could be left without insurance funds to be payed. But government found the solution of that tense problem. Of course, they listened to the citizens’ claims and approved not to close School Boards Association. It was returned to the insurance programme and provided people with paying their insurance amounts. As the KLC Executive Director Jonathan Steiner noticed
A financial review revealed the insurance program had fiscal woes that were worse than first believed, forcing the June 30 shutdown.


The Acquisition in the field of Insurance in the USA.

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In the beginning of 2013 some insurance companies of the USA made big mergers. As reported, US Insurance Source and Springtree Group have announced about the acquisition of two Houston insurance agencies. US Insurance Source is a big, strong, stable, reliable, proven in the insurance sector.

Our success has been a result of our strong focus on the product lines and the growth models we utilize. We have been relentless in marketing and client development, which are the drivers behind our performance,
said Walton, director of US Insurance Source. Springtree Group is engaged in support and consulting of insurance firms components of the insurance community. First of the absorbed companies is Alden Enterprise handle with workers compensation. Second of them was Budget Insurance focused on insurance in area of construction, transportation and building. This acquisition was third for US Insurance Source. It helps the company to expend the sphere of influence, to increase the client base and to give precedence for operations. For clients it is a good news too because US Insurance Source is global insurance company and as a consequence of this they can feel more confidence in tomorrow, use the service at the highest level, have benefit from new products. Moreover, it is convenient to be client of US Insurance Source as divisions of the firm are spread all over the world.
Accordingly to, USI insurance Services have announced about the acquisition of Pediatrics Insurance Consultants. Pediatrics Insurance Consultants provided insurance to the American Academy of Pediatrics for 35 years including life, disability, dental, group accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Now this company will become a component of USI Affinity. It is a part of USI Insurance Services and carries out activity in the sector of life-health, disability, property and casualty insurance programs.
The Pediatrics Insurance Consultants and USI Affinity teams have a shared culture of world class customer service combined with product and marketing innovation for our respective customers,
said Douglas W. Kreitzberg, USI Affinity CEO.
From the above news it is clear that insurance business in the USA fully transferred to the hands of large companies. Is it good or not we will know in the future.


Congress sets votes on $9.7 billion flood insurance package for Superstorm Sandy victims

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How is reporting Insuranceheadlines , US congress votes on %9.7 billion flood insurance package for victims of Superstorm Sandy. Many business and home owners, which were flooded by Superstorm Sandy could get insurance payouts. The FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Agency) warned the government about the chance of running out of money next week, if Congress won't give additional money to pay out claims. The lawmakers from the Northeast say, that they need the money very urgently for those victims which awaiting the claim checks from the terrible Sandy Storm. This storm brought the worst flooding, that was occured in New Jersey, Atlantic City, Long Island and New York city. It ravaged the coast along North Carolina and Maine. Rep.Frank Lobiondo from New Jersey said, that people are waiting to be paid, whose district and other coastal communities were hard damaged by the storm. He said, that they're sleeping on cots in rented rooms and they are not happy. They want their houses and property back. They don't see any prospect of relief. John Boehner, White House speaker has promised a House vote on friday, because of Northeast Republicans which provoked outrage, including Gov. Chris Christie from New Jersey, who said, that he has lost trust in GOP leaders after unimplemented promise of vote. About $2.3 billions has been sent on relief efforts by Federal Reserve for 11 states that were struck by the storm. Connecticut, New Jersey, West Virginia, Maryland, New Hampshire, Delaware, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Pennsulvania, New York is already receiving FEMA aid.


Online Insurance Programs in the USA.

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Online Insurance Programs are widespread in the United States today. In this article I will tell you about two of them.
At first, I would like to consider Online Insurance Programs for Flower Shops and Bakeries. As reported, Online Insurance Programs for Flower shops and Bakeries were launched by USA Business Insurance to address the needs of these small businesses in December 2012. Businesses in these areas have specifics like any other. For this reason owners of flower shops and bakeries need insurance policy different from other.

The developers at USA Business Insurance studied what risks and coverage would be most applicable to these particular types of businesses and the customers they serve, which resulted in these new programs now available for bakery and flower shops,
writes Principal USA Business Insurance. Insurance policy includes particular coverage, general liability in case of usual accidents or litigation and covering for loss of income or inventory in certain situations. Flower shops and bakeries work and develop in the sphere where the freshness of products sold has a paramount importance. New Online Insurance Program takes this into account. That’s why this addition became popular in such a short time in the USA.
Secondly, I will examine Online Insurance Programs for Advertising Agencies and Professional Consulting Services. As reported, they were launched by USA Business Insurance in January 2013. This addition has already gained popularity in more than twenty states. Advertising agencies and consulting firms are engaged in business various from other types of business because they work in the sphere of errors, slander and defamation. That’s why these services have to inevitable face with lawsuits.
These new programs attempt to keep affordable costs for insurance coverage and offer unique policies that cover financial losses due to litigation for the industries that provide advertising and consulting services for their clients,
writes Principal USA Business Insurance. Such type of insurance as liability insurance is also applied by these industries because it helps to save the assets of a successful company in the case of accidents with property. Moreover, clients of advertising agencies and consulting firms will feel themselves more confident thanks to the protection of the financial loss.
Mainly, New Online Insurance Programs promotes to the conservation of company property, attracting clients, reduction of loss from litigation and development of such business sectors as advertising, consulting, trade flowers and bakery.


Insurance Holdings declared issue of additional stocks.

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url=]This press release published[/url] Insurance Holdings Corp declared that puts on the market of 750 000 recently issued usual stocks at the price of $5.15. United Insurance Holdings Corp expects to get cumulative net profit about of $3.7 million from sale of additional actions. This sum turns out after subtraction of the estimated expenses, guarantee discounts and the commissions. Closing of sales of additional actions will happen, most likely, on January 8, 2013. All this will allow to bring consolidated net proceeds of the company to $27.6 million.
The statement according to this offer was declared effective by the Commission on securities and the exchanges on December 10, 2012.

This offering is being made only by means of a prospectus, copies of which may be obtained from Raymond James & Associates, Inc., 880 Carillon Parkway, St. Petersburg, Florida 33716, (800)-248-8863,
This company is founded in 1999, it conducts the work in South Carolina, Florida, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and is licensed to write in North Carolina. The insurance of houseowners does a primary activity of this company.
This article has an informative character and doesn't urge to make immediately such acquisitions as the equity market is unstable and depends on many risk factors.
This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy, nor shall there be any sale of these securities in any state or jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such state or jurisdiction,
writes Therefore it is necessary to consider all these factors before purchase of actions.


Insurance Holdings declared issue of additional stocks

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Insurance Holdings Corp declared that puts on the market of 750 000 recently issued usual stocks at the price of $5.15. United Insurance Holdings Corp expects to get cumulative net profit about of $3.7 million from sale of additional actions. This sum turns out after subtraction of the estimated expenses, guarantee discounts and the commissions. Closing of sales of additional actions will happen, most likely, on January 8, 2013. All this will allow to bring consolidated net proceeds of the company to $27.6 million.
The statement according to this offer was declared effective by the Commission on securities and the exchanges on December 10, 2012.

This offering is being made only by means of a prospectus, copies of which may be obtained from Raymond James & Associates, Inc., 880 Carillon Parkway, St. Petersburg, Florida 33716, (800)-248-8863,
This company is founded in 1999, it conducts the work in South Carolina, Florida, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and is licensed to write in North Carolina. The insurance of houseowners does a primary activity of this company.
This article has an informative character and doesn't urge to make immediately such acquisitions as the equity market is unstable and depends on many risk factors.
This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy, nor shall there be any sale of these securities in any state or jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such state or jurisdiction,
writes There fore it is necessary to consider all these factors before purchase of actions.


Flexible products or good planning for 2013 markets is it important?

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The most popular theme in 2013 is strong frames of today markets. Today industry and service should fitting for becoming stronger law’s, moreover every product should access markets “natural selection”. Insurance services are not exception.
There is main regulation very actual for any product and service in 2013, it sounds “Flexible in the face of change”. Some of well-known life insurance policies are addicted to lose their positions, because of few important changes in insurance laws and their market positions. One of those insurance services is Guaranteed Universal Life, special coverage contracts with secondary paragraphs in case of death. GUL interest is falling down in society, because of expensive regular payments, and excessive requirements on the financial condition of client. National Association of Insurance Commissioners aggravates the situation around Universal Life insurance, approved Actuarial Guideline 38. Response on Actuarial Guideline 38 will be increasing of GUL payments.

“All this changes will put a “ton of pressure” on this product”
says Bobby Samuelson, respectable person in Life Insurance business.
American General Life companies vice president Mike Murphy offer his opinion about close future of Insurance Companies in 2013. He predicts a lot of problems for small companies up to leaving this business, but for large corporations with big budget changes in GUL policies will be harmless.
But experts in Insurance markets are predicting a new successor in this type of life coverage. This new celebrity is Indexed Universal Life most compliant product on insurance markets, it is important advantage of this product.
Besides of that Samuelson of The Life Product Review predict new type of life insurance many times more flexible than IUL’s, this expected product will combine all advantages of IUL, but will be selling as UL.



House, Oklahoma senate has voted to increase the borrowing authority of NFIP by $9.7 billion for flood insurance claims

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How is reporting Insurance Journal, right after the Senate's approving a similar borrowing authority increase by $60 billion for Superstorm Sandy victims, quickly approved the $9.7 billion for the National Flood Insurance Program by unanimous consent. There are about 114.000 people, that are waiting for their claims in the Northeast from Sandy. Approximately in Jan 7, NFIP will run out of funds and they would not be able to pay Superstorm Sandy claims. Some experts say, that damage dealt by Superstorm Sandy, could generate about 139.000 claims, but if the government won't increase in the borrowing authority, only little number of this claims can be covered, it's about 12.000, said Charles Symington, the vice president of government affairs.
The government is planning to take up the supplemental aids for Sandy victims by $51 billion on Jan 15. Jimi Grande, senior vice president of federal for NAMIC said, that the country need to mitigate the damage from future storms like Sandy, by encouraging stronger state building codes, it will prevent the damage dealt by future storms like Sandy. The stronger building codes have reduced the wind damages by 80 percent. If the people will start to build more secure buildings, it will recoup just after the new storm appear. Using strong building codes, the government can reduce the disaster aid spending approximately by $11 billion, according to the Louisiana State University Hurricane Center.
Grande said, that as they help the victims of Superstorm recover, the Congress can start to help the victims of the future catastrophe by encouraging the building of more secure houses.


Insurance Rates are rising in Florida

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Despite the fact that no hurricane made any significant damage over the state of Florida for seven years, property insurance is getting more and more expensive.
According to, the average Florida businessman or homeowner is paying almost 100% more than six years ago and, in some districts, the growth is even more serious.
One of the most significant players of Florida insurance market is Citizens, well-known Florida property Insurance Corporation, founded in 2002. According to the information on its official website, there are more than 1 million of customers – it is significant number for state’s market.
However, many of its customers are getting the idea of changing their insurer on private companies. The reason for this moving is Citizens’ statement to increase premium on all its products on 16.4 percent in 2013. According to Mr. John Rollins whose words are published on the

Citizens is a competitive drag on private insurance
and it is necessary to return it to a safety and reliable insurer.
The insurance market in Florida is weak competitive – too few actors in order to provide customers with wide choice. Probably, customers’ desire to change insurer will accelerate market’s growth that will lead to lower prices and better quality of insurance services.
Based on the data from the Insurance Information Institute (placed in New York), it is possible to maintain that the majority of homeowners’ cases are due to claims involving water. The actual reasons vary from toilets’ and water heaters’ leaks to sinkholes, but still water is the main cause of insurance cases in Florida.
Moreover, Local 15 Channel claims that there are some market reason for increases in insurance rates – additional litigations and a growth in the number of commercial adjusters. This source also notices that favorable actions from Florida insurance regulators influence on the increase of rates.


Top Events and Stories that Influenced the World of Insurance in 2012

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Last year 2012 was fulfilled with challenges of all types that touched everyone on this planet in some way. The source, presented to audience a list of those remarkable events that lighted the headlines of insurance world in 2012. Some of the most unforgettable of them could be found bellow:
1) The final calculation of losses from the flooding in Thailand skyrocketed up to 15 billion, not counting the losses for business and various industries;
2) Natural disasters in Italy (Costa Concordia), GB (flooding) and Australia (flooding) once again pointed out on the damages and losses that can be brought by such events;
3) Pirate attacks nearby Somalia continued to disturb the situation in the region;
4) Global crisis continued to influence the insurance business throughout the whole world;
5) The Olympic Games in London heavily involved insurance industry. Fortunately, no major deals were noted;
6) Global warming causes the continuing shrinking of Arctic Ice cap, and that appears to become the huge problem not only for the insurance industry, but the whole world itself;
7) New risks appear along with fast developing of IT technologies and now the insurance companies have to deal with this type of events;
8) The storm named Sandy was, no doubt, the most devastating and deadly in 2012. The event which could be described only in movies came true. It covered huge territory and caused huge losses.
Described above is only a short list of global disasters and events that took place in 2012. Along with many others they made a great impact on insurance industry and showed how relevant it is nowadays. Facing all such devastating challenges, it has to undergo some critical changes that are to create the new model of global insurance system.


Important things that you should know about mortgage insurance when you take a home loan.

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If you don not have money for own flat or house it is not a surprise that you will go to the bank or to another lender in purpose to get a loan for such expansive purchasing. You must give many documents to get it and very often the lender ask to pay mortgage insurance because it minimized creditor's risk. Undoubtedly you should know what questions you may face with after you will have signed mortgage insurance agreement. stated five main things about private mortgage insurance and you should draw attention on them.
First at all you should know that lender usually requires PMI on the first stage of crediting when it gives you loan because the amount of loan is very big and it is huge risk for creditor. stated

On a loan of $250,000, PMI may cost you $50 to $220 per month.
Thus you have splendid opportunity to make a rough calculation of your expenses on mortgage insurance. pointed out when you could ask to cancel PMI.
- When you pay 20 percent of your credit value you will have a right to ask to cancel PMI according to the country legislation. You will have such right if you have good credit history that is you make payments of loan and per cent of it in time;
- the lender automatically must cancel PMI when you pay 22 percent of your credit value and of course if you have good credit history;
- if you cannot cancel PMI in before mentioned cases but you have good credit history undoubtedly PMI will be canceled when you cancel your credit agreement before its term ends;
- emphasized
The PMI cancellation rules, as defined in the federal Homeowners Protection Act, apply to mortgage loans made since July 29, 1999. But they do not apply to loans made by the Federal Housing Administration or Department of Veterans Affairs.
Thus you will not be able to ask for PMI cancellation if your loan made by the Federal Housing Administration or Department of Veterans Affairs. Be careful! Do not forget this!
Therefore if you are going to take a credit for flat or house do not forget before mentioned important things that you should know about mortgage insurance.


Tornado does strike in Texas

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Insurance Journal reported
As reported Insurance Journal, all the Gulf Coast was impregnated with huge thunderstorms that brought heavy, sleet rains, fast and damaging winds, which made the weather on Gulf shore very terrible. A lot of roads were covered with the ice, creating the problems for drivers.
In Mississippi, Gov. Phil Bryant persuaded citizens to have a life saving plan if the weather would be severe.

It only takes a few minutes, and it will help everyone have a safe Christmas
Bryant said.
With icy roads appeared a problem of cars pileup in Oklahoma, where mass media warned the travelers to stay home for their safety. Fast winds overturned a tree onto a car in the Houston, killing the driver. Some trees fell on a few houses, no one got injured. About 3 tornadoes were detected in Texas, which damaged only one building as reports The National Weather Service. These tornadoes were in effect near Mississipi and southern Lousiana.
At least 350 nationwide flights were canceled during the day, as reports the About half or even more were canceled out and into of Fort Worth International Airport and Dallas. More than 70.000 people lost electrisity in Mississipi, Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas.
The thunderstorm brought into the continent a dense fog, which caused the problems for drivers with vision and plus they had to fight against unceasing blizzards. The western Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana states could get to 4 to 7 inches of snow. Mountainous areas of Arkansas could get fast winds and up to 10 inches of snow, which can make the travel even impossible in some places in the northern part of the state, according to Nation weather state.
The weather has changed very fast, because the storm has passed through Mississipi, Louisiana and Alabama in the evening.


Author: defadmin 7-01-2013, 00:10 reported that eHealth, Inc. ( NASDAQ : EHTH ) will introduce their private terms at this year J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

eHealth, Inc. (EHTH), America's first and largest private health insurance exchange, today announced that its senior management will present at the 31st Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference on Wednesday, January 9, 2013 at 2:30 p.m. P.T.
we read on their page.
As noted eHealth, Inc. placed webcast of their presentation at website and leave reference for company's site where everyone can browse presentation. Of course it all have done for the convenience of their investors. Thus if you interested in presentation or have no time to be present at the conference you will have the occasion to watch short version of the conference on company's website during 14 days after this event. If you decided to visit this year insurance conference it will be useful for you to browse their website before the conference where you can to register and to install useful software. gives brief information about eHealth. We have got to know that eHealth is the founder of the first health insurance exchange in America. There are leading insurers of the USA register, place and offer their service and health insurance products. Thus everyone as individuals and different companies can visit site of exchange and to find and choose more suitable for them terms and conditions of different health insurance programs. Technology of eHealth, Inc. enables to sell and distribute health insurance products of leading country insurance companies online. It is very convenience and save time of users.
eHealth, Inc. also provides powerful online and pharmacy-based tools to help seniors navigate Medicare health insurance options, choose the right plan and enroll in select plans online through its wholly-owned subsidiary, ( and through its Medicare website
wrote Therefore eHealth, Inc. is powerful insurance exchange that uses modern Internet technology and besides it has license and can sell insurance products in all states of the USA.


Insurance situation: forecast for 2013

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The year of 2012 was full of different occasions concerning insurance. Mostly, they were not very pleasant. So, there is a question: what will bring to us the next year and should we prepare for something worse? As it is reported on

2013 will be interesting year for both insurers and consumers”, says GoHealth Marketing Manager, Mark Colwell. “Consumers are going to have a lot of questions about their options and insurers are going to want to make sure they have the answers.

Probably, the most unpleasant news is about cost of insurance policies. It is going to be higher in the following year. But consumers shouldn’t be worry about it very much. Health Savings Accounts will help to save money for insurance. By the way, more attention will be paid for fitness and wellness programs which help to keep fit. In addition, the USA government will give more rights for the consumers: they will be able to buy the insurance on their own, without the help of insurers.
Then, all of the members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community will have an access to have an insurance plan.
And, at least the last predicted news:
The rise of defined contribution plans among employers. A defined contribution plan involves employers giving their workers a fixed sum of money and letting them purchase their own health insurance from an online marketplace. The defined contribution trend has been picking up major steam recently as a way for businesses to contain rising health care costs
, as it is written on


Weather forced insurance companies to change behavior

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Every day we hear on the news about the various natural disasters. Nowadays, it became extremely hard to predict such natural phenomenon as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, hard snowfall, avalanche, flood, drought, landslides, or global warming in general. Weather threatening is very widespread through over the North America. In the United States of America, the ones that lead to the great damage even called names of persons (Sandy, Katrina etc). Have you thought about who is going to pay the bills? For example, only famous hurricane Sandy alone did more then eighty billion dollars worth of damage to New York and New Jersey. The insurance industry also sustain a loss of millions dollars. That forces almost all of lead insurance companies extend their examination of reaction to climate changes. In order to better quantify, estimate and diversify their risks, a lot of companies use climate science. So they can more accurately estimate their loss-prevention efforts, price, communicate risk and target adaptation. Some of insurers try to analyze their extensive databases of different historical weather-related or climate-related losses for undesirable events. However insurance modeling is something different. Insurers modeling extrapolate historical data, whereas climate models simulate the system. So we can say that insurers’ models are more appropriate to short-time and finer scales frames. This initiative will serve as a basis for determining (at the level of individual countries and regions) investment priorities in such areas.


Fiscal Cliff - insurance discussing problem

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Fiscal Cliff – it is a modern saying, which means code of laws, which automatically will take effect in the United States of America since the 1st January 2013 on condition that government will not find any other solutions. According to these laws, taxes will extend for most taxpayers in order to decrease the deficit in the budget of the country.
In order to solve this problem House Speaker Boehner and President Obama met last Friday (23.12.12) in the White House. It was long negotiations but at least they did agree to do something. What exactly they agreed, nobody knows.
As it is written on

"In the next few days, I've asked leaders of Congress to work toward a package that prevents a tax hike on middle-class Americans, protects unemployment insurance for 2 million Americans, and lays the groundwork for further work on both growth and deficit reduction," Obama said. "That's an achievable goal. That can get done in 10 days."

As for the Speaker, Boehner told to the government that they do nothing. His words, as they are reported on
"There are a lot of things that are possible to put the revenue that the president seeks on the table, but none of it's going to be possible if the president insists on his position, insists on my way or the highway"
represents his indignation. Boehner thought that the best way is to package revenue hikes with most modern spending cuts, including such insurance programs as Medicaid and Medicare. He also said that he didn't want to embed higher taxes even for wealthy Americans.
Now Fiscal Cliff is not discussed because of Christmas. Obama will celebrate it with a family. He also promised that a final decision would be done before New Year.


Health insurance in the U.S.

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The growth in health care costs started to slow by 2012, as managed care plans began to dominate the market. Throughout the remainder of the 2000’s, costs generally kept pace with domestic economic growth, resulting in a comparatively stable health-spending share of the national income. This slowdown in the inflation of health care costs, however, was relatively short-lived. Even as early as 2012, the U.S. federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS, formerly the Health Care Financing Administration) forecasted that health care costs would rise again, anticipating that they would average 1.8% more than the growth in the GDP through 2013-2015. These forecasts will likely have been too conservative. According to

there are a lot of health care insurance plans almost in any state.

What led to the plateau in almost all health care costs in the 2000s, and why are costs again on the rise? Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services is sure that the impact of the rise of managed health care plans on the U.S. health care system in the late 2011 and early 2012, in conjunction with the country’s significant economic growth during the Obama years, largely led to restraint in the growth of health care costs in relation to general economic growth. CMS hypothesized—accurately, as it turns out—that this trend would be reversed over the next ten or so years due in part to slower growth in managed care enrollment; a movement towards less restrictive forms of managed care; and increased state and federal regulation of health plans restricting various cost-containment measures used by managed care organizations (for instance, in Wiskonsin MCOs) and mandating certain benefits.


Cyber insurance becomes widespread

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Buying something we rarely think about how our purchase is insured against fraud. Especially important and at the same time dangerous it looks like from the point of view of the online shopping. As practice shows upcoming holidays are the perfect moments for activation of different kind of cyber crooks. As it is written on

tis also the seaon for cyber crooks to be out and about, preying on consumers and the sites from which they buy.
The situation is equally dangerous, both for buyers and for online retailers, if they will not provide the proper insurance for its rights. Which are the advantages for the online retailers with the cyber insurance? Firstly, it is a strong protection from losses due to data leaks.
The cyber insurance policy is constantly changing process. It does not come to a halt dead in its tracks and is developing as rapidly as hackers are trying to get around it - at least, on a regular 6-month updating basis as the company providing such cyber insurance service for retail and consumer products claims in its reports.
However the risks are quite tremendous. The experts voice only some of the facts that allow traders to understand that they incur some losses:
- Large variety of insurance products allows you to buy low-quality products.
- Low sublimates, purchased together with such policies.
- And often it happens so, when the retailer may incur losses due to the fact that the insurance policy does not cover his relationship with affiliates or partner.
Thus people in trouble are left to, until the appropriate amendments to this insurance policy will be introduced.