How To Understand Health Insurance Benefits

Author: defadmin 17-04-2013, 14:15

 Health insurance benefits are commonly mentioned in mass media; but in fact very few people really understand what the term "insurance benefits" conceals in it. Thus, what actually are those much talked-about benefits of health insurance? 


How To examine employee health insurance options under the PPACA

Author: defadmin 11-04-2013, 17:59

Patient Protection and Affordable Act (PPACA), with which new “pay or play” health related regulations were introduced, was released 12.28.2012. Businesses will start to work under new rules from 01.01.2014, so there is plenty of time to do all necessary calculations and legal preparations.


How To Lower Your Health Insurance Premium

Author: defadmin 25-03-2013, 16:34

Most of the people who don’t pay health insurance premiums themselves never take care about amount of money spent on it. The reason of such indifference is a thought that if premiums are paid by their employer it takes no effect to their family budget.


How To fight your health insurance company

Author: defadmin 21-03-2013, 15:33

Understanding your health insurance policy, keeping all documents in order, help of your doctors and special support organizations, and some other details which may be useful to succeed in your possible health insurance claims are in the focus.


How to reduce a cost of health insurance.

Author: defadmin 19-03-2013, 16:44

Every year we spent a lot of money to be protected in case of illness or disease. And for sure, the most of them are spent to get a health insurance. In these circumstances saving money without losing insurance coverage becomes a serious question. So how can we do it? Let’s look through some tips:


How To write a letter to health insurance company

Author: defadmin 18-03-2013, 14:15

In case you need to send a letter to a health insurance company, you must have a clear idea how to compose it in order to expound your thoughts properly. It doesn’t matter what your final goal is – are you inquiring about a policy or appealing a decision of the insurance company, - in any case an intelligently and professionally written letter will help you to achieve your aim.


How to Reduce Health Insurance Costs for Small Businesses

Author: defadmin 16-03-2013, 08:08

Small business owners are often vulnerable to rising costs of health insurance, which increase by more than 10% each year. It may be quite a challenge. Here are some options to help you lower the costs so that health insurance will be affordable not only for yourself, but for your employees as well.


How To Find the Right Health Insurance Policy

Author: defadmin 15-03-2013, 17:10

When you face the problem of health insurance and have to decide what health insurance policy would be right, you should think it over carefully. It is necessary to consider many aspects.


How To Properly Pick The Right Health Insurance

Author: defadmin 15-03-2013, 17:05

 Health insurance is very important for you and members of your family. Many options are provided for you at different insurers, and sometimes it may be hard to choose.  However, the well-being and health of the whole family depends on this choice


How To Add a Newborn to Health Insurance

Author: defadmin 15-03-2013, 16:58

The majority of parents expecting newborns collect information about insurance options for the newborns. The new parents must know those rights as they become responsible for the new life or lifes (expecting twins and more).


How To select or waive health insurance

Author: defadmin 15-03-2013, 16:50

Today health in Ukraine gained criteria of economic dependence. According to a United Nations report on human development can be traced direct relationship of health status on the level of financial security.


How To Beat the High Cost of Being Sick

Author: defadmin 15-03-2013, 16:45

To be sick... In our time this problem is common often , and many people are looking for the answer for one simple question:"How not to be sick?How to prevent the disease?