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How To Insure A Yacht

Author: defadmin 15-03-2013, 17:25

Insurance procedure boats is very similar to the procedure of auto insurance. Here, just as possible to insure housing, motor boats or equipment to make the shipowner's liability insurance to third parties.

The above listed types of insurance are basic, although there are a couple of related: is the insurance of the crew members, professional liability, etc.
By purchasing an insurance policy should pay attention to his life, because the longer it is, the better the conditions for you. The best option is insurance for the calendar year. This option is more profitable than the insured for the period of navigation, in addition, your ship will be protected by the insurance company, and in the winter, when it will be in the dock.

Assess all the risks that you are going to include in the list of insurance, this will develop price policy.

In our country, not many private vessels - only has about a million boats, of which are insured up to 20%. In Russia Insurance boats still not as rampant as in the West, and the companies that are licensed for this type of insurance, while in short supply. These are the insurers - "ROSNO", "Alfa Insurance", "Ingosstrakh" and some others. As in marine insurance risks are so large, that not every company takes them to cover. After all yachts hijacked, they easily get minor damage and each year, the small or large repairs lose between 5 and 10% of its value. That is why the insurance of the vessel - it's not a matter of prestige, but a necessary security measure.

But how do you choose an insurance company? First you need to decide for yourself: in what area will be your boat and if you intend to go abroad. It does not matter where it was registered your ship. It is important that on-site registration up by representatives of your insurance company, then the insurer will be able at any time to assess the damage and make the payment for the repairs.

by Vladimir Dmitriev