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Subtleties in a car insurance in the USA

Author: defadmin 9-01-2013, 21:56

In the USA in the sphere of insurance extensive long-term experience is saved up. And, in various states there are features, insurance products and ways of compensation. Let's consider car insurance in the territory of this country.
Car insurance in the USA has no rigid state regulation and practically is entirely assigned to the staff authorities, and in fact - to insurance companies. But thanks to the widest variety of the products caused by the high competition, happy in most cases remain all - both insurers, and ordinary car owners.
Today obligatory insurance of civil responsibility of the owners of land vehicles is entered into 45 of 50 American states. However, and in the remained five administrative and territorial units the legislation demands existence at least minimum possible insurance. And, as ruled insurance, and tariffs for it, depending on staff can differ very significantly. In the majority of states obligatory insurance of the vehicle concerns Liability Coverage, that is, actual civil liability in case of causing damage to someone.
There are two opposite models answering a question of the one who has to compensate harm in case of incident. According to the ballpark model practiced in New Hampshire, everyone has to be for itself (himself).
That is whatever it happened, all expenses connected with recovery of health or property, you even if in an event there is no your fault will bear. The idea was suggested by baseball stadiums widespread in the country where visitors often are traumatized from baseball balls and where the administration doesn't bear any responsibility for it.
On the contrary, the Disneyland model obliges to compensate the harm done to the third parties, responsible for the incident. The model is obliged by the name to an amusement park the Disneyland where the management bears responsibility for any accident which has happened to visitors. The highest manifestation of this model is the idea to give a duty to register cars, to issue them numbers, to insurance companies which at the same time have to and insure them. Now power structures of each staff are engaged in delivery of car numbers.
Despite rather serious relation of the law to lack of an obligatory insurance where it is necessary, on roads of all states it is possible to meet many drivers who don't have in general any insurance. Therefore, whatever system of insurance worked in this or that stuff, it is necessary to have own insurance that in case of accident with the participation of such driver, process of compensation of damage wasn't dragged out for a long time, and terminated without results.
Generally the American car insurance means a covering of an insured event on the basis of three main digital indicators. It is the amount of the maximum compensation of physical or moral damage on each victim, the total amount of payments to all participants of the accident and the sum going on compensation of direct material damage. Usually such values are established by the law of staff and register through a slash. For example, the ratio for the State of Maine is expressed as 50/100/25 and make $50 000, $100 000 and $25 000 respectively. And in the city of Washington and in all District of Columbia the maximum figures are much lower: 25/50/10. It is necessary to understand only that the minimum insurance package is often able to compensate damage only partially. Therefore the American insurance companies and insurance agents will surely offer the insurer a number of the additional products which list can be very extensive. Let's say, car insurance in New York, besides a basic package, allows to include or exclude from the insurance policy of individuals, to divide coverings of an insured event separately into the life of the insured person and property, or, on the contrary, to choose the combined option. There is a separate type of an insurance of accident, so-called coalition, and there is also comprehensive providing other opportunities of damage, for example, theft, a fire, collision with animals and so on. It is possible even to insure the personal belongings being in the car during the period of temporary absence of his owner.
There are also very exotic types of insurance. For example, if the person took the car in hire and as a result of the accident it lost ability to make profit for the owners. Or to insure receiving the most various help on roads. It can seem to someone excesses, but it is necessary to consider that the passion of Americans to different judicial proceedings is brought by the sums of some quite ordinary processes to the figures containing on six zeros. And it is better to make secure a less in advance, than to pay a legal cost subsequently.
Exists in the market of insurance of cars and a special type of an insurance for at whom isn't present in car property but who owing to any reasons should go nevertheless – Named Operator Policies. Such insurance including is useful to those who was deprived of the rights and for their restoration has to show it.

by Vladimir Dmitriev