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How To Cancel a Priceline Reservation With Insurance

Author: defadmin 24-01-2013, 20:24

When you plan your trip and take out a travel insurance policy, you hope that you won’t need to use it. But there are quite a lot of reasons you might have to cancel your Priceline reservation, that’s why you need to check what reasons are covered under your insurer’s policies, Priceline’s policies, as well as polices of the service where you booked your tickets. Usually you have to pay additional fees for exchange, alteration or return of the tickets, but if your reason is covered, such fees might be reduced.
First and foremost, you have to explain in details a particular reason for cancellation. You may get reimbursement for almost all of your expenses in case of sudden health problems or if your flight was cancelled or delayed. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that you might even have a chance to reschedule your trip.
Then you should check “Description of Coverage” on the Priceline’s site, as it describes all possible cancellation reasons. According to their rules, they provide coverage only to those who are insured through Stonebridge Casualty Insurance Company, otherwise this option is unavailable. Also, it’s important to buy your insurance only when you make the reservation, as it’s the only case when Priceline covers cancellation if you, your close relatives or travel companions require medical care.
After that you must call Customer Service Department of Priceline to request the cancellation. Of course, you may try to send an email, but this way isn’t the quickest and most efficient, therefore you should call (877) 850-9658 and inform the agent that you’re going to make a claim for your trip. However, there are many complaints about reputation and customer service of this company, as they usually try to reject any claims if the cancellation wasn’t initiated by them.
You should also attend your physician to provide a note about your health condition preventing you from the trip. Dates of injury or disease must be included, as well as the name of the person who received treatment. With this information you can contact Stonebridge to make a travel insurance claim.

by Vladimir Dmitriev