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How To lower your boat insurance rates

Author: defadmin 18-03-2013, 14:22

Primarily you should contact with a boat insurance company, because it is very difficult to figure out all costs for your boat insurance for yourself. Often companies have many factors which are needed, so sometimes there is any trick to it. But there is a list of thing you should do, to make your bills.
For example, you will have a discount if you passed boating safety course. There are some of them: NASBLA, Power Squadron.


The place of your boating will be considered. Places that are exposed to natural elements will have bigger premium. Such places are areas with frequent hurricanes, coastal areas of islands etc. Also you can reduce your costs driving strictly in the same season ever year. So if you are boating only in summer you can get a discount for layup in other seasons.

Some companies considered the operator`s driving record experience and a type of the boat (new/old, gasoline/diesel). If you are a good operator with clean driving history and you have a new gasoline boat it can makes premiums lower.

You can save your money on the hull deductibles. The hull deductible is an amount where you pay for the situations of losing the machinery, hull, some details or parts. But the insurance company can make a discount if you will pay for deductible more expensive than the regular one, it depends on the boat value and percentage rate.

One more thing that you should know are liability limits. First of all you must have a plan about your boat and then select a policy of limit that you need. Choosing the appropriate type of liability limits you makes your premiums lower.

Here are some discounts on boat insurance. You can save your money if:
- You are a homeowner
- You haven`t any accidents during the previous policy
- If there is more than one boat in your policy
- If you are the only owner of the boat
- If your driving record is clean for three years

You can use all these items, but be sure that your family, your friends, you, and your boat are in safety while looking for the lower insurance.

by Vladimir Dmitriev