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How to ensure you're insured on holiday

Author: defadmin 7-03-2013, 05:10

First of all, be sure that your travel insurance policy is backed by reliable and solid insurance company. But that's not just it. There are some truly important questions that require consideration before you start out. Here they are:

1) Question of health. In case you or your family got some health problems or might have in another climate zone be sure that your insurer knows about these problems, either existing or which may arise in a new environment. The last thing you want is to be tight-lipped about your or your family’s health when acquiring a travel insurance policy. But it’s not only you or your family. Your close relative’s health counts too, since you just may cut short your holiday because of an emergency at home. Just let your insurer know that you got an ill relative. Of course, only your policy conditions will decide whether this particular emergency is covered or not. So, you can talk them over with your insurer beforehand.

2) Question of subject of your travel insurance policy. Check out who exactly is covered by your insurance policy. Naturally and necessarily, it will be you. But what about your children? Most travel insurance policies will cover your children up to twenty-three years old if they are attending school full time or under the age of 18 if they’re not. Any member of your family above this age will need to acquire his/her own policy. And there is one particularly important thing that you mustn’t forget. If your child is traveling by himself/herself, he/she may not be covered by your travel insurance policy. In fact, most travel insurance policies will cover children only while they’re traveling with the policyholders.

3) Question of valuables. First of all, you must be vigilant about your valuables no matter what civilized country you are traveling to. And you need to take your most valuable possessions, such as computers, cellular phones, cameras, etc., as hand luggage. Otherwise their loss won’t be compensated. Another thing that you must take good care of is your medication. And since travel insurance policies have limits on payments for lost personal possessions, it’s important that you know your limit.

4) Question of adventurous activities. If you are one of those adrenaline-seeking adventurers, it’s of great importance that you check your policy details in connection with adventurous activities. If your activities are not covered, you can consider these details with your insurer and, if such need arises, take out an extra cover.

These are just main issues that must be dealt with in the first place. You may and most likely will have other ones. But there is no need to be upset. Your insurer, being a nice and willing person, surely will help you to deal with them. Just be open with him/her and, since thoughts are material, keep in mind that your holiday just must be the best.

by Vladimir Dmitriev