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How To save money on travel insurance

Author: defadmin 27-01-2013, 16:49

If you want to save the money on travel insurance, you should find the right travel plan. The main purpose of your plan is safe and healthy trip. Thus, you can save some of your money on travel and insurance by taking into consideration following advices:

1. Determine a budget for your travel. As well as any other expenses, the budget for travel should be planned in a timely manner. It will be good if you select and hold off on trip budget a certain amount of funds each month.

2. Select the appropriate form for your budget travel. Those customers, who regularly use coupons, know that such coupons provide an excellent opportunity for a budget trip. For example, a week in Turkey for two people will cost on 20 percent cheaper then it could be cost without coupons.

3. If you want to schedule a trip for yourself, you need to look for the best deals in advance (preferably for 3-4 months). In this case, you can save on the hotel up to 70% of the initial price. There are a lot of travel agencies which immediately offer their service in search of popular hotel. As for the purchase of airline tickets, the procedure of early booking will save up to 50% of the initial price too. Many internet sites offer comprehensive search of all airlines around the world.

4. Health insurance while traveling is a gold rule for everyone. We think that all will be ok with us, but the injury, heat strokes, food poisonings or appendicitis attack can not be predicted. For saving money on travel insurance policies, you should compare different services and choose one for several weeks before the travel. It will cost 15-30 euros, that acceptable for calm. Check all details of your type of insurance to avoid misunderstanding. Your insurance must cover everything that could go wrong.

5. It should be borne in mind that the travel budget includes not only a waste of your hotel and air flight, but also spending on trips, holidays, restaurants, souvenirs, etc. Select the limit for each particular purpose, and try not to exceed it.

6.Find out the way to make calculations before the trip to selected country. You should know what kind of payment cards are accepted in hotels, bars and shops. We need to know whether wide the ATM network in this country. How much the commission of banks after withdrawing your money? How much cost the service for purchases at the markets. In any case it is impossible to carry all your money with you.

7. Try to change some part of your cash in desired currency beforehand. Avoid currency exchange at the airport because there is the most unfavorable course.

8. Take care about your money when traveling. Take with you at least two bank cards. If one is lost or stolen, you can block it and use second one.

Remember all this advices and immediately start planning a new trip!

by Vladimir Dmitriev