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Safety in the car

Author: defadmin 10-01-2013, 01:17

First of all you should know when you sit in the car that the main thing is your safety on the road. If you aren’t only a passanger, but also a driver you are responsible not only for yours life, but also for lifes of your passangers. The first thing you should do in the car is buckling safety belts. They make your chance to remain whole in case of accident much higher and your chances are doubled if you also use air bags with belt in a pair. And the third thing which is good to have it’s auto insurance. It will save your money in such upset situation. You should not think if you have these conditions you will be in safe a priori. The driver and the passanger must know how to use a seat belt and an air bag. For grown-ups it’s nesessary to keep minimal distance in 10 inches between body and steering wheel or air bag and of course to be buckled up.

Kids who are allowed by the law to sit in the seat themselves must be buckled up in any case. Babies should sit only at the back seat and stay in protective distance. Also it’s nesessary to use car seats for infants. Such seats are one of the part of safety in the car. If you don’t have them no insurance will not help with serious damages. You should read instructions from a factory very attentive and only then fasten the seat. When you are going to drive with a child you should be sure that baby has good protection in event of accident.

There are some nuances when you use seat belts with air bags. They must be fastened correctly. If you or child feel discomfort under the arm or behind the back there is a risk to get serious traumas in case of accident. You must talk with children and teach them how to use seat belts. You must be sure they know it and do everything right even if you can’t control theirs deeds. Before you start explain children how to use seat belts you also need to be sure that you know everything right. Grown up must fasten seatbelt such way that bottom strip will be across the waist and shoulder strap will cross the chest diagonally. When seatbelts and airbags are used they prevent serious injurys in collision. It’s very thin line between life and death. So if you have possibility to do something for your protection you must not be lazy and you should do it. So don’t forget use seatbelts and car insurance.

by Vladimir Dmitriev