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How to Make a Travel Insurance Claim

Author: defadmin 28-01-2013, 17:42

While travelling you may face not only pleasant people, sometimes your trip is rather far from the one you expected to enjoy: unfortunately there may be circumstances you won’t like. In any case of your disappointment or dissatisfaction you may produce a claim, submit it to your travel insurance company and ask them to analyze the situation. Moreover, you have a right for monetary compensation in the case of damages.
There is an insurance claim department staffed with experienced professionals in every travel insurance company. Though you yourself may hold your claim, it is more preferable specialists to handle it.
To make a travel insurance claim you should fill in a unified standard ACORD form (ask your travel insurance agent for it, or load it from Internet). There are various registered claim forms. Choose the one which is more suitable for your case, concerning the situation and circumstances.
Put your claims in plain words, in a brief form. If you want to give a detailed description, send an additional letter: it is much better to explain everything in it than in a standard form; otherwise it may result in this or that kind of delays.
Mind please, you should prove your claiming demands with so called “material evidence”, that is, you should produce documents of various types: certificates, tickets, receipts, etc. Photocopies won’t do, that is why, while travelling, keep any documentary paper carefully up to the end of your journey.
Any way of submitting your travel insurance claim is possible, whether online, or by post, or by e-mail; the faster you do it, the quicker the travel insurance company adjuster starts investigation of your claim case. Remember, there are certain time limits for submitting a travel insurance claim, in some companies it should be formed within sixty days. Do not forget to check if your travel insurance policy is in force, though there are certain circumstances when you may hold a claim even after the expiry of your travel insurance policy - please, consult with your travel insurance agent. We wish you won't need our advice! Good luck!

by Vladimir Dmitriev